Welcome to Nippon Value Investors.

Nippon Value Investors KK is a value oriented Japanese equity investment manager headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

As a value investment specialist focusing solely on Japanese equities, we are committed to providing first-class Japanese equity investment services to our clients globally. We adhere to a disciplined value philosophy and a fundamental approach.

We aim to maximize the intrinsic value of our portfolios over time by using value-oriented, fundamental stock picking and the rotation of capital to opportunities with better value. This goal can be achieved only with rigorous bottom-up research and disciplined portfolio management based on objective evaluations of the quality of companies and their relative valuation. We believe that this intense focus on building the intrinsic value of our portfolio should result in the long term growth of our clients' assets.

Message from the CEO

In 2005, Nippon Value Investors was founded by a group of investment professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit and a firm commitment to “providing investors worldwide with the best possible performance by making value-oriented investments in Japanese equities.”

Since our inception, we have researched many Japanese listed companies by meeting with each company’s executives and conducting thorough analyses of the company’s financial data and fundamentals. Researching these companies over the years has made us more confident than ever that there are always situations where stock markets fail to fully recognize the true value of a company’s quality and that such undervalued situations offer attractive investment opportunities.

We are an independent investment advisory firm in which our employees are the majority owners. All of our resources are dedicated to running a single investment program: Japanese equity value investment. Our investment program aims to achieve outstanding returns over the medium and long terms by rigorously implementing our value-oriented investment philosophy and process. The entire staff of Nippon Value Investors focuses their energy on deepening our commitment to these principles that have guided us since the inception of our firm. We will continue to be committed to providing our clients with an investment program of the highest quality.

Yoshihiko Ito
Chairman, Chief Investment Officer